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How does a senator become eligible to join ISG?


Any senator is eligible to join the ISG so long as he or she:

  • Is not part of a caucus composed of senators belonging to a recognized party as defined in Appendix I to the Rules of the Senate,

  • Does not act as a representative of the government,

  • Is not appointed as Speaker,

  • Ascribes to the Purpose and Vision of the ISG,

  • Has habitually demonstrated behavior that is consistent with the ISG’s Principles, and

  • Is in good standing with the Senate.


Membership Committee will review membership applications and come to a vote.


What is a facilitator/deputy facilitator?

The facilitator is responsible for the central coordination of ISG operations, including issues management for matters concerning ISG Business:

  • Oversight of the Secretariat

  • Interface with Senate officers and officials (the “usual channels”).

  • Preparation of discussion papers and briefing notes,

  • Information gathering and dissemination,

The Facilitator is supported by a Deputy Facilitator and a Coordinating Team. The Coordinating Team acts as a conduit for advice and information between the Facilitator and ISG senators.

What is the role of a Scroll Manager?

The Scroll Manager is responsible for coordinating information flow about Chamber operations, including:

  • Dissemination of written and verbal updates about Chamber operations during sittings.

  • Interface with the Chamber Operations and Procedure Office (COPO)

  • Dissemination of Scroll Updates

  • Participation in Scroll Meetings

What is the role of a Liaison?

The ISG Liaison Officer has four main legislative functions:


  • Coordinate the presence of the ISG in the House (with the administrative support of the Secretariat);

  • Survey the voting intentions of ISG members (with administrative support from the Secretariat);

  • Communicate with other groups in the Senate, including government officials;

  • Participate in strategic decision-making when the need arises in the House.



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