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The vision of the Independent Senator's Group is; that the independent senators contribute to a senate that reflects the needs and the views of diverse Canadians and; that Independent Senators give voice to ALL weighty and ardous matters of concern to Canadians.





Members of the ISG have joined together for the purpose of protecting and enhancing the ability of individual senators to conduct their functions as parliamentarians and to vote as each senator sees fit*, while providing mutual support in matters of ;


  1. sharing information and expertise,

  2. dialogue,

  3. collective action on bills or issues that the ISG as a whole has designated or will designate, from time to time, as priorities or of common importance to all members of the ISG (known as ISG Business), and


  4. building on the Modernization Agenda, and working with like-minded Senators across the Chamber, the ISG will actively promote changes in Senate rules and practices that improve the functioning of the Chamber and the work of committees.


[*] Subject to the Rules of the Senate, Senate Administrative Rules and Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest.

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