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Independent Senators Group elects new Facilitator and Deputy Facilitator

OTTAWA, September 25 2017 – The Independent Senators Group (ISG) today elected Senator Yuen Pau Woo (British Columbia) and Senator Raymonde Saint-Germain (Québec - De la Vallière) to the positions of Facilitator and Deputy Facilitator of the group. Senator Woo replaces Senator Elaine McCoy, who decided not to seek another mandate after leading the ISG since its inception last year. The position of Deputy Facilitator is a newly created position, following the recommendation of an ISG Task Force.

"I am honoured to be entrusted with this responsibility and delighted to be working in tandem with Senator Saint-Germain," said Senator Woo. "We believe that a strong, coherent, and unified group will enhance the ability of members to be effective independent senators, especially on our core function of legislative review."

Senator Saint-German stated, "We believe that we can contribute to the excellence of the contemporary Senate and serve the best interests of our fellow Canadians, for whom we work first and foremost. Unquestionably, our success will be that of a team working constructively with colleagues across the whole Chamber."

Senators Woo and Saint-Germain wish to express their sincere gratitude to the outgoing Facilitator and Coordination Team for their hard work and dedication to the ISG.

"The greatest challenge for all of us going forward is how to keep the Senate as deeply-rooted in history as we are in contemporary standards of excellence. I am happy to support the two newly-minted Facilitators as they take on this responsibility for the ISG," said Senator McCoy.

Senators Woo and Saint-Germain assume their new positions with immediate effect.

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