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ISG Welcomes Senator Klyne

Today the Independent Senators Group (ISG) welcomes Senator Marty Klyne (SK).

Senator Klyne joins the ISG as a proud Cree Métis from Saskatchewan. He is an active member of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Labour Market Council, the National Indigenous Economic Development Board and the Ignite Adult Learning Corporation. He was also the publisher and CEO of the Saskatoon StarPhoenix and Regina Leader-Post and president and CEO of the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation. Outside of his business achievements, he has received numerous honours, including the eagle feather from a Sun Dancer of the Carry the Kettle Nakoda First Nation, the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal as well as an Alumni Award for Distinguished Professional Achievement from the University of Regina.

“I am looking forward to serving with my Senate colleagues on the full range of senatorial activities we have the honour to be a part of, to serving all of Canada and, in my regard, proudly representing Saskatchewan. I sit as an independent and have chosen to join the ISG,” said Senator Marty Klyne. “This Group provides an environment that supports a less partisan approach to legislative investigation and review. More importantly for me at this juncture, it is a venue for sharing information, forward thinking discussion, and mutual assistance toward me making valued contributions in the Senate.”

“Senator Klyne’s decision to be part of our group adds one more intricate piece to the mosaic of perspectives that make up the ISG,” said facilitator of the ISG Senator Yuen Pau Woo. “The position of a Senator extends much further than the walls of this Chamber, and Senator Klyne has exemplified this very idea throughout his commitment to the well-being of his province, his region, and his country.”

The choice of Klyne to become a member of the ISG brings the Group’s total number of seats to 54. The Upper Chamber is made up of 105 seats, four of which are vacant.

Established in 2016, The Independent Senators Group (ISG) is committed to a non-partisan Senate and the modernization of the Upper House of Canada’s Parliament. With 54 members, the ISG is the largest parliamentary group in the Senate. Composed of independents not affiliated with any political caucus, ISG Senators work cooperatively but act independently.

The ISG’s Facilitator is Senator Yuen Pau Woo (BC) and the Deputy Facilitator is Raymonde Saint-Germain (QC), each elected by members on a two-year term (until 2019). ISG senators were appointed over the years by five different Prime Ministers, with most of the current membership selected through The Independent Advisory Board for Senate appointments process.


For more information, please contact:

Aline Lafrenière

Director of Communications

Independent Senators Group (ISG) Secretariat


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