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Independent Senators Group welcomes four new members, increases majority in Upper Chamber

independent senators group

The Independent Senators Group (ISG) officially welcomed four new members to its ranks today, thus increasing its total membership to 58 senators. The addition of Rosemary Moodie (ON), Stanley Kutcher (NS), Pat Duncan (YK) and Margaret Dawn Anderson (NWT) further enhances the ISG’s majority in the 105-seat Senate.

“These outstanding individuals have contributed to the advancement of our country in numerous ways,” said Senator Yuen Pau Woo, facilitator of the ISG. “Their varied experiences and unique perspectives will strengthen the Senate and enhance our ability to serve Canadians.”

The four newest senators were named to the Upper Chamber last December. They were officially welcomed into the ISG today following a vote by the group.

Pat Duncan has extensive experience in government and business, including serving as premier of Yukon. Margaret Dawn Anderson has been a public servant with the Government of the Northwest Territories for more than 20 years where she made significant contributions such as reforms to the territorial justice system. Dr. Stanley Kutcher is an expert in adolescent mental health and a leader in mental health research and advocacy. Dr. Rosemary Moodie is a neonatologist, healthcare consultant, and an associate professor of pediatrics with SickKids and the University of Toronto.

Established in 2016, The Independent Senators Group (ISG) is committed to a non-partisan Senate and the modernization of the Upper House of Canada’s Parliament. With 58 members, the ISG is the largest parliamentary group in the Senate. Composed of independents not affiliated with any political caucus, ISG Senators work cooperatively but act independently.

The ISG’s Facilitator is Senator Yuen Pau Woo (BC) and the Deputy Facilitator is Raymonde Saint-Germain (QC), each elected by members on a two-year term (until 2019). ISG senators have been appointed over the years by five different Prime Ministers, with most of the current membership selected through The Independent Advisory Board for Senate appointments process.


For more information, please contact:

Ro Izzetpanah

Communications Coordinator

Independent Senators Group (ISG) Secretariat


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