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Non-affiliated senator joins independents

OTTAWA, June 12, 2019 – The Independent Senators Group (ISG) officially welcomed non-affiliated Senator Mobina Jaffer into its ranks today, an addition that increases the ISG’s majority in the Upper Chamber to 59 seats.

“We are delighted that Senator Jaffer has decided to join our group,” said Yuen Pau Woo, facilitator of the ISG. “She brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise, particularly in the fields of law, human rights, international relations, and national security. She will add tremendous value to the mission of independent senators, which is to scrutinize and improve government legislation in a manner that is free from partisan interest.”

The addition of Senator Jaffer means that four out of the six Senate seats in British Columbia are now held by members of the Independent Senators Group.

Senator Jaffer was originally appointed to the Senate in 2001. She was officially welcomed into the Independent Senators Group following a vote by the group’s membership.


For more information, please contact:

Ro Izzetpanah

Communications Coordinator

Independent Senators Group (ISG) Secretariat


Established in 2016, The Independent Senators Group (ISG) is committed to a non-partisan Senate and the modernization of the Upper House of Canada’s Parliament. With 59 members, the ISG is the largest parliamentary group in the Senate. Composed of independents not affiliated with any political caucus, ISG Senators work cooperatively but act independently.

The ISG’s Facilitator is Senator Yuen Pau Woo (BC) and the Deputy Facilitator is Raymonde Saint-Germain (QC), each elected by members on a two-year term (until 2019). ISG senators have been appointed over the years by five different Prime Ministers, with most of the current membership selected through The Independent Advisory Board for Senate appointments process.

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