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Facilitator and Deputy Facilitator of the Independent Senators Group Re-elected for Second Term

OTTAWA, December 7, 2023 - The Independent Senators Group (ISG) announced today that Senator Raymonde Saint-Germain and Senator Bernadette Clement have both been re-elected for an additional term as Facilitator and Deputy Facilitator to the ISG. Throughout their distinguished careers, Senator Saint-Germain and Senator Clement have both dedicated themselves to working for the best interests of Canadians.

“I intend to continue to provide shared, inclusive, collegial, and transparent leadership, building on expertise and relying on mutual support and solidarity. I will work towards fostering a pleasant and respectful working environment that encourages discussion and free expression.” - Senator Raymonde Saint-Germain, Facilitator of the ISG.

“I am delighted to carry out my work within a group that values collaboration, diversity of thought, and informed decision-making. I hope that, alongside other groups and caucuses, I can provide meaningful sober second thought to the legislative process.” - Senator Bernadette Clement, Deputy Facilitator of the ISG.

The senators' mandate will begin January 1, 2024. They plan to continue to cooperate with their colleagues to promote a more independent and less partisan Senate.

– 30 –

Dedicated to serving Canadians and democracy, the Independent Senators Group (ISG) provides informed and non-partisan sober second thought to legislation and contemporary issues our country is facing.

Founded in 2016, the ISG has led the reform transition to a more independent and less-partisan Senate, reflecting the needs and views of a diverse and modern Canada

For more information please contact:

Amanda McLaren

Chief of Staff

Independent Senators Group (ISG)


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