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Senator Marnie McBean Joins the Independent Senators Group

OTTAWA, April 10, 2024 – Ontario Senator Marnie McBean announced today she is joining the Independent Senators Group (ISG). Senator McBean is a highly decorated Canadian athlete, celebrated motivational speaker, and author. She is an Officer of the Order of Canada, an inductee of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, a triple Olympic gold medallist, and the recipient of four honorary doctorates. Her achievements in advocacy for sexual diversity and LGBTQ+ representation have affected positive change and are widely recognized within Canada’s sporting community.


“I'm thrilled to become a part of the ISG. Having mentored on performance outside the Senate, I recognize the value of surrounding myself with mentors and a diverse range of opinions and experiences within this new environment. I also want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the groups that embraced me. Each group consists of exceptional individuals, and I'm grateful for the time they invested in introducing me to their teams and processes. It was a challenging decision, as each group has its own distinct strengths.” – Independent Senator Marnie McBean


“The addition of Senator McBean will enhance the already impressive range of skills that make up the ISG. She will be an invaluable asset to our continued effort to expand our group’s diversity of thought and expertise. I have no doubt that she will bring the same passion and commitment to her new role in the Senate as she has in every other aspect of her life. It is truly an honour to welcome such a successful and commendable Canadian woman to our group.” – Senator Raymonde Saint-Germain, ISG Facilitator


Senator Marnie McBean was nominated to the Senate on December 20, 2023, through the Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments. Her addition to the Independent Senators Group brings the total membership to 40. 





Dedicated to serving Canadians and democracy, the Independent Senators Group (ISG) provides informed and non-partisan sober second thought to legislation and contemporary issues our country is facing.


Founded in 2016, the ISG has led the reform transition to a more independent and less partisan Senate, reflecting the needs and views of a diverse and modern Canada. 



For more information please contact:

Jonathan Bishop

Chief of Staff

Independent Senators Group


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