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Senator Bernadette Clement Joins ISG Facilitation Team



Senator Bernadette Clement Joins ISG Facilitation Team

Ottawa, December 1, 2022 – The Independent Senators Group announced today the appointment of Senator Bernadette Clement as chamber coordinator for the ISG Facilitation Team. She follows Senator Pat Duncan, the first Yukon senator to be appointed through the independent appointment process, who has held the role since February 2020.

“Senator Pat Duncan has immensely contributed to the leadership team of the Independent Senators Group over the past two years. As one of the ISG members who has served in a provincial/territorial legislature, her background on the legislative and political process has been an invaluable asset to our group. We appreciate her hard work and understand her desire to focus her energies entirely on the Yukon.”– Raymonde Saint-Germain, facilitator of the Independent Senators Group.

Bernadette Clement was appointed to the Senate in June 2021. She is the former mayor of Cornwall and the first Black woman to hold the role of mayor in Ontario. As a lawyer and proud Franco-Ontarian, she supports many causes that push for race, gender, and linguistic equality.

“We are pleased to welcome Senator Clement to the chamber coordinator role. Her credentials in the public service as an elected public servant and as a lawyer will be great assets in her fulfilling of new responsibilities within the Facilitation Team.” – Raymonde Saint-Germain, facilitator of the Independent Senators Group.

The ISG Facilitation Team is comprised of four senators: Facilitator Raymonde Saint-Germain, Deputy-Facilitator Tony Dean, Chair of Group Deliberations Chantal Petitclerc and Chamber Coordinator Bernadette Clement.


For more information please contact:

Ro Izzetpanah

Senior Communications Specialist

Independent Senators Group


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