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Senator Toni Varone Joins the Independent Senators Group

OTTAWA, April 18, 2024 – Ontario Senator Toni Varone announced today he is joining the Independent Senators Group (ISG). Senator Varone is an accomplished business executive, philanthropist, and a continued champion for affordable housing in Canada. As a pillar within Toronto’s Italian Canadian community, Senator Varone has received numerous recognitions for his work, such as the Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association Achievement Award and the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal. 


“I am honoured to accept the invitation to join the Independent Senators Group. I look forward to collaborating with my fellow colleagues, both within and outside the Senate chamber, to find innovative solutions and foster positive changes for our country.” – Independent Senator Toni Varone


“Senator Varone’s achievements in entrepreneurship will contribute greatly to our group’s variety of expertise and help to shape our collective understanding of Canada's contemporary issues. Through his selfless dedication to improving infrastructure with private-public partnerships and ensuring the availability of affordable housing, Senator Varone has proven that his wealth of experience will serve as an invaluable asset to our group and to the Senate, especially as we advocate for Canadians navigating our country's constantly shifting economic climate.” – Senator Raymonde Saint-Germain, ISG Facilitator


Senator Toni Varone was nominated to the Senate on December 20, 2023, through the Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments. His addition to the Independent Senators Group brings the total membership to 41. 





Dedicated to serving Canadians and democracy, the Independent Senators Group (ISG) provides informed and non-partisan sober second thought to legislation and contemporary issues our country is facing.


Founded in 2016, the ISG has led the reform transition to a more independent and less partisan Senate, reflecting the needs and views of a diverse and modern Canada. 



For more information please contact:

Jonathan Bishop

Chief of Staff

Independent Senators Group


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